Go green

Vegetable Gardensgg1

At V&F Landscape, we believe that we shouldn’t only be growing ornamental gardens; we can transform our backyards into urban homesteads. While many home food gardens have disappeared, the time is right to consider the benefits of growing your own food – it’s not only nutritious and environmentally-friendly, but fresh produce is only steps away!

Some of the incredible benefits:

  • food is much fresher
  • food is much tastier
  • no chemical spraying
  • no genetic modification
  • increase food security
  • increase genetic diversity
  • lower your food bill
  • lower your carbon footprint


Permeable Pavers

Unilock “Eco”products have an increased joint spacing which allows rapid rainwater infiltration.

Benefits of permeable paving

  • reduced stromwater load
  • eliminates thermal pollution of streams and rivers
  • filters contaminants form water naturally
  • replenishes the water table-important for trees
  • enables rainwater to be easily harvested for later use.


Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater collection systems makes dollars & “sense”:

  • Reduce water bills
  • Alleviate demand on municipal systems
  • Avoid strict watering schedules


Better solution for your landscape than municipally treated water:

  • Rainwater is extremely rich in nutrients
  • Using rainwater to irrigate reduces fertilizer use
  • No chemicals have been added to rainwater